COVID-19 - Update
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COVID-19 safety measures

Here at Certa Service our number one priority is the safety of our, customers and communities. In order to put your mind at ease ahead of any face-to-face interaction you have with us, we have put together additional COVID-19 safety measures which you can expect to see when you book a service visit from us.

Staying safe
When you book a service visit, we ask that you make us aware if anyone on site a) has Covid-19 symptoms? b) has been advised to isolate for any reason. We ask to be made aware of any changes to this at any point from booking the call right up until the time of the engineer visit.

Before your appointment
Before your visit, you will be reminded of the social distancing rules of staying 2 metres apart. You will also be asked to ensure all internal doors leading to where work / fitting is required to be left open so there is minimal surface contact by our service engineers. We will also ask that the best route to enter site is provided to the engineers, as some kitchens will have direct doors outside.

Arrival at the service call
Before the engineer enters site, we will make sure we use 19. hand sanitising barrier cream which gives 4 hours protection to them, and the engineer can wear protective gloves if required. If we can maintain social distancing outside of the property, we might not need to face wear masks. If not, then expect us to be wearing our own face masks. The engineer will also carry sanitising wipes.

Helping us to help you
We ask that as much information as possible about the problem be provided at the time of booking the service call, therefore this can help the engineer better assess what tools and materials he feels will be needed on site, and hopefully minimise trips to the van. If trips back to the van are needed, social distancing will be maintained while moving around site, and hands will be sanitised before re-entering site. Sometimes the required workspaces can be cramped for more than one person so we may ask you to direct us there separately if possible.

You’re all set!
After the job is complete, we will ask you to meet us back at the front of site, or an open space to finish up. We will explain exactly what we have done and once you are completely satisfied with what has been explained, we’ll ask you to verbally sign this off. We will take care of the rest electronically. Worksheets will be emailed over following the engineer visit.

After the work
When we get back to the van, we will place all waste in our designated return box. We will also disinfect all the tools we used on the job. If required, we will remove our masks and store them safely in a bag. Finally, any gloves used will be disposed of in a separate bin at home. We recommend you also wipe down any surfaces and door handles after we have left, just to be on the safe side