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Commercial Catering Gas Safety Testing

A Commercial Catering Gas Safety Certificate, also known as a CP42, is the official term for the Gas Safety Inspection of your commercial catering appliances.

Gas Safe Testing

Did you know that the law requires the employer at any place of work to ensure all gas equipment, pipework and flues under their control are maintained by an appropriately qualified Gas Safe Registered engineer? Here at Certa Service, our gas engineers are certified and accredited to help keep your kitchen compliant.

Why you should get a certified annual Gas Safety Certificate check

Stay compliant

Your Gas Safety certificate needs to be renewed every year without fail. It’s the only way to ensure that you remain compliant and in a fit state to stay operational.


By law, your establishment needs to be checked by a registered Gas Safe engineer once a year. Making sure you’re compliant isn’t optional; it’s a legal requirement.

A safer environment

Checking the gas appliances and ventilation in your commercial kitchen is essential to keeping your employees and customers safe.

Lifespan of Gas

Extend equipment lifespan

By ensuring that your gas appliances are operating correctly, you are also increasing their lifespan. It makes solid financial sense.

Commercial kitchens can be dangerous places, and safety should always be at the forefront of your operations.

In simple terms, if you have a commercial kitchen, you also have a legal obligation to ensure that any gas appliances on your premises are checked and certified by a Gas safe qualified engineer (holding the appropriate commercial catering qualifications) at least once a year. Establishments must renew them annually without fail to avoid falling foul of severe penalties.

Commercial kitchens are subject to stringent regulation because of the potential risks if correct guidance is ignored. They can be dangerous places, and safety should always be a priority. That’s why we have Gas Safe registered engineers who are fully trained and can issue Gas Safe certificates to compliant establishments.

How do I book a Gas Safety check?

Please give us a ring on 03333 580 395 and we are will be happy to talk through legislation, and to provide you with advice on how to save money, protect your kitchen and appliances, but more importantly, your people.

Some typical questions we are often asked about Gas Safety Certificates

How often do I need to have my gas appliances tested?
It is a legal requirement to have your gas appliances checked and signed off by a qualified Gas Safe engineer at least once a year.

What does my annual Gas Safe check involve?
One of our Gas Safe engineers will visit your site and check that each gas appliance is working, compliant and safe to use. This includes gas pressures, safety features, operational effectiveness and combustion. They will also inspect the kitchen pipework and direct supply to the apparatus (within the kitchen environment only). For a comprehensive list of specific tasks undertaken, please speak to one of our team.

What is documented during my Gas Safe check?
Once our engineer has visited your premises and carried out their inspection, they will provide an itemised listing of tested appliances alongside any recommended remedial works required or safety warnings if there are any areas for concern. A CP42 Commercial Catering Gas Safety Certificate will then be issued if appropriate.

What can happen if I don’t have a valid Gas Safety Certificate?
Due to the severe nature of gas and carbon monoxide leaks, breaches of Gas Safety (Installation and Use Regulations) 1998 are not to be ignored. Ignoring the safety testing requirement could result in severe fines and invalidation of your commercial insurances.

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