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Ice Machine Hygiene

  • Protect you staff and customers
  • Prevent contamination and bacteria
  • Ensures best practice for commercial kitchens
Engineer cleaning an ice machine

Helping to make sure your ice machines are clean and safe

As an integral part of most commercial kitchens, ice machines are in constant use by numerous kitchen and serving staff. Unfortunately, because of this, the risk of cross-contamination increases each time they are used. It is, therefore, vital that stringent ice machine hygiene is considered and undertaken at regular intervals.

Making sure that your ice machine is thoroughly cleaned, and serviced regularly helps to reduce the risk of bacteria build-up within the unit. Our commercial ice machine cleaning service includes a full deep clean and system flush using only approved descaling solution. Once completed, we will issue a full report certificate that you can present to the E.H.O upon inspection.

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Frequently asked questions

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some questions we get asked a lot.

  • What is an ice machine hygiene clean?

    An ice machine hygiene clean targets the bacteria and dirt that builds up within the machine. The engineer will provide all chemicals to perform the clean and a certificate will be provided following his visit that can be present to environmental health upon an inspection.

  • What do we need to do to prepare for his visit?

    All ice needs to be removed from the machine, and the area surrounding it needs to be as clear as possible to give him room to work. Everything else he will do.

  • How dirty are ice machines?

    According to several studies it has been found that ice machines can contain more bacteria than toilet water, so keeping them clean is really important. Once microbes enter the bin they can be very difficult to get rid of with normal day to day practices so having them professionally cleaned every few months helps make sure they stay as hygienic as possible.

  • How regularly should ice machines be cleaned?

    We would recommend this is done every three months to keep the unit as hygienic as possible. We are able to offer reduced rates to customer who sign up to annual contacts for the cleans.


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