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5 reasons to put a PPM in place

No chef or kitchen manager wants the nightmare scenario of the breakdown of vital kitchen equipment. Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) regularly will avoid unwanted kitchen downtime and be factored into your monthly budget to avoid any nasty surprises.

1. Reduced Costs:

A PPM allows you to budget across a period of time rather than on an ad-hoc basis. Once you find yourself in an emergency, it’s often too late. Not only does preventive maintenance cost less than repairing or replacing broken equipment, but you can also factor it into your monthly cashflow, so you never receive any nasty surprises.

If you have stakeholders, then having a planned monthly budget to keep kitchen equipment in working order will be a reassurance as opposed to delays on payments if you have had to pay out for costly emergency repairs.

Putting PPM in place will also save you money in energy bills. A study examining the consumption of electricity in the commercial kitchen found that poor levels of care significantly contribute to excessive energy use in refrigerators, while in some cases maintenance can deliver electricity savings of up to 45%.

Reduce your pre-planned maintenance costs

2. Protect your reputation:

In the hospitality sector, reputation is absolutely everything. You don’t want to disappoint diners by taking off menu items because a piece of equipment isn’t working. With PPM in place, you will help to ensure that you are always in a position to wow your customers and keep ahead of the competition, which is especially important in these uncertain times. Again, if you have stakeholders, it is vital that you keep them feeling reassured in their investments.

Protect your reputation with a pre paid maintenance contract

3. Maximise Operations / Less downtime:

Every second a vital piece of equipment is not running; your establishment could be losing money. Avoid losing a profitable dinner service from an oven breaking down or having to throw away valuable stock because of a walk-in freezer malfunction. If you keep your assets properly maintained, then your kitchen can operate at capacity at all times without a break in service.

Maximise your operations with a PPM

4. Improve workplace safety, compliance and hygiene standards:

Regular maintenance of all your kitchen equipment will ensure that it is operating correctly to keep your workforce and customers safe including GasSafe testing to ensure that your establishment remains compliant.

A recent study has suggested that there are more cases of food-born disease in the UK than previously thought. Adequate maintenance is essential to help meet the requirements of the Food Safety Act, and to ensure your cooking, hot holding, and chilling equipment is working correctly and won’t let you down and endanger your customers.

Improve your work place safety with a pre-planned maintenance contract

5. Increase Equipment Lifecycle:

By regularly servicing equipment, you are also extending its service lifecycle. The longer the asset is in service for the more money you’re saving in the long term. Regular servicing can identify and solve problems whilst they are small and fixable, which will prolong the life of your equipment.

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