As we find ourselves in lockdown once again, here at Certa Service, we remain optimistic and are looking forward to our industry getting back up and running.


While your kitchen might be closed for the time being, the time to fire up your equipment will hopefully not be too far away. And when the time comes, we can help ensure your kitchen is prepared and ready for action.

But, in the meantime, here is our shortlist of essential things to consider before opening for business.

1. Gas Safety
As a legal requirement, it’s worth checking that your Gas Safety certificate is up to date. Our Gas Safe registered engineers can visit your site to test equipment thoroughly and make sure you are conforming to all legal requirements.

2. Refrigeration
Refrigeration equipment doesn’t react well to long periods of inactivity. It’s worth checking that all of your units are holding consistent temperature and that all seals remain compliant with locks functioning correctly.

3. Ice Safety
Many members of staff use your ice machines. As such, they can easily be contaminated with bacteria. Maintaining and professionally sanitising the inside and outside of an ice maker is vital. By doing so, you ensure the quality and safety of your ice supply.

4. Warewashing and water supply
Ensuring your warewashing units and water supply are hygienic and well maintained is essential. We can check all filters and tanks, ensuring that all related pipework is sanitised and safe for use.

5. Servicing
If you’re unsure about the operational status of any items of kitchen equipment, get them serviced. If a unit doesn’t operate correctly, don’t try to force or fix it yourself, call a qualified engineer.

Certa Service remains on hand to help you get your commercial kitchen back up and running. Get in touch to find out how we can assist with any of the services above or if you have a specific servicing request.

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