6 steps to ensure your commercial kitchen is ready for service

We can’t believe it’s November already! After a year that has seemed to drag endlessly on, Christmas is looming fast.

Production in the elf factories of the North pole is at maximum level (I hope they don’t get knocked by the energy crisis, although I’d imagine magic isn’t a fossil fuel) and restaurant and commercial kitchens are preparing for the onslaught of festive dining in the run-up to the big day itself. After the year we’ve had, people are anxious to go out and celebrate with their friends and family, not to mention co-workers who they’ve spend the best part of 2 years waving at frantically when the online meeting software freezes.

To help cope with the increase in footfall, it’s essential your kitchen equipment is in top working order. Here are 6 simple steps to help prevent a kitchen breakdown during the festive season:

  1. Deep clean your ice machine (we love a rhyme) – regular deep cleaning will prevent harmful bacteria from growing in your machine ensuring the Christmas cocktails flow.
  2. Clean and check your ventilation – this is essential to maintain a safe place to work and with busy and extended festive service – you won’t have time to do this later.
  3. Get a Gas Safety check – it’s mandatory by law to have your gas appliances checked at least every 12 months and to monitor carbon monoxide levels.
  4. Replace any worn machinery parts – don’t wait for your appliances to fail, replace any worn out parts now to prevent heartache during Christmas dinner.
  5. Carry out a maintenance check on your larger equipment and gas ovens so they are ready for the festive onslaught.
  6. Deep clean and check over your walk-ins and refrigeration units – no one wants spoiled turkey!

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to help you get your commercial kitchen ready for Christmas. At Certa Service, our engineers are qualified to carry out Gas Safety checks and we can run thorough maintenance checks on all your appliances, replacing parts where necessary. We can also deep clean ice machines and other kitchen equipment to ensure it is all in tip top condition and ready for the welcome Christmas traffic. After the year of discontent, make it a festive season to remember for the right reasons!